Outside Catering

Outside Catering

We offer a great selection of both hot and cold tapas for your private event. All prices are per item.


*All prices are per item.

Our story

Our story

New Moon is an independent small plates format restaurant located at 9 The Mall, Clifton. 

A family run establishment, the New Moon exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere, quality drink, and, perhaps above all, wonderful food. Enthusiastic owner and chef TK and his wife Irena tested this formula successfully at them previous space on the Gloucester Rd, winning great reviews and loyal customers, before making the positive decision to move to the heart of Clifton in early 2015.

As a chef, TK has spent over twenty years cooking in different countries, hotels, clubs, and restaurants, as well as holding a head-chef position in Chelsea, London. His latest venture is the result of this exciting, and still flourishing, learning experience.

The tapas dishes on offer utilise the best of what local producers, and the ever-changing seasons, have to offer, and this menu is always available. Alongside this, however, runs a very different kind of specials board. 

Every fortnight, TK explores a different country’s cuisine and produces a unique interpretation of their most loved, and iconic dishes. This makes for an evocative, and always delicious, dinner. 

He wants all of his effort to be reflected in every dish from the menu (did you tried our Aubergine rolls, Charred Octopus, Russian pelmeni or asian style belly of pork?) , the dishes that speak to the heart….dishes that elegant and balanced, traditional and with new interesting personality. Dishes that make you happy and satisfied.

What we’re trying to say is, you are all welcome!

So pop in any time, or even book New Moon Tapas for your special occasions; we love to party! Whoever you are, though, we will always strive to make your visit one to remember. We hope to see you soon. 


Takvor in the kitchen