Global Tapas Diary
Our Culinary Journey

Welcome to the Global Tapas Diary, a retrospective showcase of our gastronomic explorations. Each menu here is a story of cultural discovery, where we have embraced the vibrant and diverse culinary traditions from around the globe. In this space, we relive the delightful experiences from Peru to France, through the lens of tapas. It's more than just a collection of dishes; it's a tapestry of flavors, memories, and the joy of exploration that we've shared with our patrons.

Join us in revisiting these flavorful sojourns that have shaped our culinary identity.

Hearty | Fresh
Patacones / Crispy Plantains
- Mango & jalapeño salsa. Chimichurri. Crumbled feta.
Seafood Ceviche
- Sea bass fillet, prawns & octopus marinated in lime & fresh herbs. Avocado, mango, pear.
Peruvian Seafood Stew with Coriander Broth
-Sea bass fillet, prawns, mussels, baby squid, carrots, new potatoes, green chilli.
Ají De Gallina
- Chicken fillets in creamy walnut & parmesan, slightly spiced sauce. Served with rice.
Pork Abodo
- Pan seared pork tenderloin in mild chilli, cumin & oregano. Creamy Abodo sauce. Sweet potato, quinoa.
Rich | Aromatic
Crispy Chickpea Falafels
- Bulgur, tomato, cucumber & mint salad. Green - garlic tahini dipping sauce.
SAYADIEH / Fish & Rice
- Pan seared bass fillet marinated in Jordanian spice blend. Olive & tomato sauce. Fragrant rice.
Chicken & Lamb Mansaf
- Braised chicken & lamb in creamy mustard, garlic, preserved lemon & yoghurt sauce. Turmeric rice.
Ground Beef and Pine Nuts Kibbeh
- Crispy croquette like balls with beef mince, spices & pine nuts centre. Green salad. Yoghurt dip.
Spicy | Vibrant
Zanzi Pakoras
- Crispy onion, broccoli, carrots & coriander pakoras. Coriander & coconut chutney.
Fish In Coconut Curry / Mtuzi Wa Samaki
- Kingfish cutlets in light Madras spices, garlic & tomato coconut curry. Fragrant rice.
Chicken Zanzibar
- Slowly cooked boneless chicken thighs with courgettes, coconut & tomatoes. Served with rice.
Beef Skewers / Mishkaki
- Citrus and African spices marinated beef strips. Green salad.
Zanzibari Lamb Stew
- Ginger, garlic, tomatoes. Nutmeg, cinnamon, saffron. Baby potatoes. Green beans.
Savory | Nourishing
Kookoo Sabzamini
- Potato & fresh herbs patties. Served with yoghurt and mint. Mixed pickles.
Mahi Shekam Por
- Caspian style stuffed sea bass fillet with walnuts, pomegranate, Persian spice blend.
Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh / Saffron Chicken
- Pan roasted chicken fillets, marinated in saffron, dry lime & spices. Jeweled bulgur.
Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi / Beef And Herbs Stew
- Gently braised beef with dry limes, fresh herbs, spices & kidney beans. Iranian style rice.
Special Dessert - Persian Style Ice Cream
- With saffron, pistachio and rose water / Bastani.
Tangy | Herbal
Smoked Tofu & Mushrooms Green Curry
- Red peppers, lemongrass, lime leaves, coconut milk, basil. Jasmin rice.
Tom Yum Goong
- Lemongrass, galangal, king prawns, seabas fillet, oyster mushrooms, lime, coriander.
Cashew Chicken
- Chicken breast, mixed peppers, spring onion, oyster & soy sauce, garlic, chilli.
Pork Satay Skewers
- Pork tenderloin marinated in galangal, turmeric & coconut. Peanut dipping sauce. Cucumber, chilli and shallots pickled salad.
Flavorful | Elegant
Spiced Duck Liver Pate
- Apricot chutney. Champagne gelee. Brioche.
Baked Ratatouille
- Topped with lemon & herb bread crumbs and goat cheese.
Bouillabaisse Avec Rouille
- Sea Bass, Cod, Monkfish filets, Prawns & Mussels in a Pernod, tomato, fennel, leek & saffron.
Chicken Casserole A La Normande
- Braised thighs in a creamy cider, mustard & brandy sauce. Served with swede & potato smash.
Boeuf Bourguignon
- Slow cooked blade in Burgundy wine, bouquet garni, pearl onions & bacon. Crusty bread.