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Discover our exciting menu featuring well-known and loved classics served with a modern and elegant twist. We believe that delicious food is best enjoyed when shared with friends and family. That is why we designed our menu in a way that engages our guests and creates a social experience.

At our restaurant, inclusivity is key, which is why we offer 95% of our menu in gluten-free variations, because everyone deserves to enjoy our culinary masterpieces.

Veg, Vegan, Cheese
Herb-Tossed Sourdough (GF available) 5
- Olive oil and aged balsamic.
- Add Vodka Butter for 1.5
Marinated Mixed Olives (V, GF) 4.7
- Stone in. From Spain, Greece, Turkey & Italy, herbs & garlic.
Aubergine Rolls (GF, N) 9.1
- Filled with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, walnut&basil mousse.
Vegetable Pacora (GF available)9.4
- Broccoli, corn, carrots coriander ... Coconut - mango chutney.
Trio of Dips (N, GF, V available) 9.4
- Kalamata olives, walnuts, capers tapenade, Charred aubergine & tahini caviar. Hummus. Spiced feta. Pitta bread. Pickles.
Patatas Bravas (GF, V available) 5.8
- Crispy fried potato cubes. Smoky, lightly spiced tomato & red pepper salsa.
Sautéed Creamy Mushrooms (GF available) 9.4
- In balsamico Bianco, tarragon & ouzo cream. Garlic bruschetta.
Baked Camembert (GF available) 9.7
- Prosecco and chilli figs. Herb crostini. Carrots and celery sticks.
- Add Blue Stilton 1.5
Cold Marinated Padron Peppers(V,GF available) 6.4
- Honey, garlic and dill vinaigrette.
From the Sea
Crispy Fried Calamari (GF available) 9.4
- Herb crust. Sriracha & dill flavoured mayonnaise.
Purple Butterfly Pea Flower Risotto (GF) 12.7
- Seared scollops & king prawns. Saffron Beurre blanc. Samphire spearse.
King Prawns (GF, N) 11.6
- Sautéed in garlic, Ouzo, white wine and sun-dried tomato pesto cream.
Octopus Mojo Rojo (GF) 12.8
- Glazed octopus. Canarian smoky & spicy red pepper sauce. Sautéed new potatoes.
Seafood Ceviche 11.7
- Sea bass, prawns & octopus marinated in lime & fresh herbs. Rocket, avocado, pear.
Crunchy Parmesan & Potato Coated Cod 11.9
- Mushy - minty peas. Tartare sauce
Meat & Game
Meat Tortellini 11.3
- Steamed pasta filled with pork & beef mince. Spiced chicken-white wine cream.
Thai Coconut Chicken (GF) 12.3
- Breast mini fillets in basil, galangal, ginger & fresh turmeric creamy coconut curry. Rice.
Balsamic Glazed Lamb Cutlets (GF) 14.1
- Balsamic, honey & basil glaze. Wilted spinach with garlic & mint. Sautéed vegetables.
Rioja Chorizo 9.5
- Port & honey glazed chorizo with crunchy sourdough croutons and thyme.
Red Cooked Pork Belly 12.6
- Shanghai style. Braised in soy sauce, rice wine, spring onion, ginger, garlic, chili & spices.
Crêpe Suzette
- Flambeed with Cointreau Liquor.
No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake
- With Amaretto and Kahlúa Liquor.
New Moon Ice Cream & Sorbet
- Ask staff member for available flavours.
Pan Patat
- A warm sweet potato & banana pudding. Spiced caramel cream. Flambeed with rum (GF)
Our guest country:
Cape Verde
Cachupa (GF, V available)9.2
- Roasted aubergine stuffed with flavoursome mix of vegetables & beans. Goat cheese.
Caldo De Peixe (GF)12.8
- Cape Verdean fish stew made with sea bass, cod, razor clams in a savoury broth.
Carne De Porko (GF avail)11.6
- Seared pork tenderloin in a white wine sauce with olives, clams and spices GF avail 11.6 Sautéed new potatoes. Pickled vegetables.

Our Next Country:
from 08.05.24
Syrian cuisine is a vibrant blend of spices and flavors, where aromatic elements like cumin, cardamom, and sumac enrich the textures of meats and grains. The air carries hints of allspice and garlic, linking every meal to Syria’s rich culinary history.

Grains such as bulgur and rice form the base of many dishes, subtly enhanced by fresh herbs. Meats, marinated in yoghurt and mint, showcase the region's flavors, and fresh vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers are brightened with lemon and olive oil.

Sweet desserts like baklava and ma'amoul round off meals, offering layers of pastry or dates filled with honey and nuts, embodying the artful balance of Syrian cooking.
Liquid Refreshments
We’ve carefully sourced an exceptional range of wines, beers and spirits from all over the world, so whatever we’re pouring, we know you’ll find something to love. From bold reds and crisp whites to fruity rosé, our wine list will perfectly complement your experience with us.

Please ask a member of our team for the full wine list. If you’d like a recommendation to go with your meal, we’d be more than happy to help.
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